Sitecore MVP Ambassador Application 2023/2024

Since 2009 I have been in constant contact with Sitecore products, first as a developer, then as a product owner and now in the consulting area. I am absolutely convinced of Sitecore, the products and the product strategy that Sitecore is pursuing. I carry this conviction outward (to the world) with full enthusiasm. It is absolutely important to me that interested parties understand the added value of these solutions and the future possibilities they open up.

You will find all my contributions on my website/blog under the following URL:

I would like to continue to bring interested people closer to the possibilities that Sitecore’s product world offers. I will continue to maintain my blog, tha plan for next year is 1 to 2 Blogarticles per week. I also want to expand my network on LinkedIn and take part in various (in person and digital) events which are already in planning. There are community events such as SUGs where i want to speak as well as speaking at various MarTech events and exhibitions.

Blog / Articles

Note: All articles are published on the website as a Blogarticle and as separate LinkedIn article.
LinkedIn URL: To the articles

TitlePrimary ProductsDateTypeLink
Should you change from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM Cloud?XM, XP, XM Cloud03.12.2023BlogWebsite
Sitecore CDP – How to start with your first CDP customerCDP13.04.2023BlogWebsite
Part 1 – Mastering MarTech: An Introduction to the World of Marketing TechnologySitecore Product landscape17.04.2023BlogWebsite
Part 2 – Mastering MarTech: The Benefits of MarTech for Modern Businesses – A beginners guideSitecore Product landscape21.04.2023BlogWebsite
Part 3 – Mastering MarTech: Understand MarTech Stack – Components and Functionlity ExplainedSitecore Product landscape08.05.2023BlogWebsite
Part 4 – Mastering MarTech: Selecting the Right MarTech Tools for your Business NeedsSitecore Product landscape11.05.2023BlogWebsite
Part 5 – Mastering MarTech: MarTech Implementation – Strategies for a smooth rolloutSitecore Product landscape22.05.2023BlogWebsite
What is: IPaaS – Integration Platform as a ServiceConnect23.08.2023BlogWebsite
What is: Sitecore Connect – an IPaaS toolConnect25.08.2023BlogWebsite
What is: Sitecore XM Cloud PlusXM Cloud, CDP, Personalize, Send06.10.2023BlogWebsite
What is: XM Cloud – Part 1XM Cloud25.10.2023BlogWebsite
What is: XM Cloud – Part 2XM Cloud26.10.2023BlogWebsite
What is: XM Cloud – Part 3XM Cloud30.10.2023BlogWebsite
What is: XM Cloud – Part 4XM Cloud02.11.2023BlogWebsite
What is: XM Cloud – Part 5XM Cloud06.11.2023BlogWebsite
What is: XM Cloud – Part 6XM Cloud08.11.2023BlogWebsite

Speaker contributions and other stuff

TitlePrimary ProductsDateTypeLink
Oranizing and sponsoring of the Sitecore Usergroup Event in Leipzig (organizing the location, beaverages and hotel)CommunityJanuary 2023Organizer
Speaking at the Sitecore Usergroup Germany in Leipzig, title: CDP in a B2B contextCDP09.02.2023SpeakerTwitter
Attending SUGCON MalagaCommunity23./24.03.2023Attendee
Speaking at the Sitecore Usergroup LA (Los Angeles),
Title: A sales usecase and what we learned during the implementation
CDP & Personalize10.08.2023SpeakerYoutube
(from min. 49:00)
Speaking at the Sitecore Usergroup Hyderabad (India),
Title: A sales usecase and what we learned during the implementation
CDP & Personalize06.10.2023SpeakerWebsite
Speaking at the SITCON (developer conference of the Schwarz Group, all brands and divisions with overall of 1000+ participants),
Title: AI in MarTech with examples from Sitecore
XM Cloud, Send, CDP & Personalize,
Speaking at the Content Creation Conference Berlin,
Title: Content Creation-Get that thing done right
XM Cloud
Speaking at the Marketing Automation Conference – Omnichannel-Odyssee: Der Weg zur PersonalizationSend, CDP & Personalize14.11.2023SpeakerWebsite
Speaking at the Marketing Automation Conference in a Masterclass,
Title: Omnichannel-Personalisierung: So erklimmen Sie den Olymp
Send, CDP & Personalize16.11.2023SpeakerWebsite