Sitecore XM Cloud

In the third part of this blog series you will learn about about the content and page creation features of the Sitecore composable DXP stack product XM Cloud.

In general i can say content and page creation is not really more complex or difficult in XM Cloud like writing a Word document. You can build beautiful, high-impact content with ease with XM Cloud’s slick and intuitive authoring and curating experience.
First of all there are really easy-to-use templates which allows you to create pages very quickly by using these pre-existing templates. After adding one of those templates you have an perfect visual editing experience. You can make changes much faster without developers with a merketer friendly drag and drop editing. XM Cloud truely takes the visual page editing to the next level with tools that help marketers and content creators build more effectively. Also the visual asset selection helps you to find the right image for your audience with visual asset selection. All these features help marketers to continuousely create content and collaborate in real-time with content updates that are automatically saved. Marketers and Editors can build page layouts to meet their needs with a simple and direct UI via drag-and-drop.
Time is money and it is way to expensive to re-create content, the better way is to re-use content. XM Cloud will encourage your marketers to re-use content and leverage the consistency by selecting existing content blocks.
For a better feeling you can preview your work to see your pixel-perfect creation exactly as your visitors will. For this purpose you can preview your work an smartphone, tablet and desktop view, rotate the views and see for each channel how it will look like.

In the Image gallery you can see the following sceenshots:

  • Page templates
  • Visual editing
  • Page editing tools
  • Visual asset selection
  • Drag-and-drop content creation
  • Reuse of content blocks
  • Work preview

In part 4 of the series “What is: XM Cloud” I will introduce you to the features related to globalization.

Von ako