Sitecore XM Cloud

In the first part „What is: XM Cloud – Part 1“ we heard about the difference between Sitecore XM, XP and XM Cloud. Also from the advantages of SaaS and the MACH architecture of XM Cloud. The second part will now be about XM Cloud itself, specifically about the features of XM Cloud.

General feature overview

First of all, yes it does what it should do (to be honest, at it’s best) – create, manage and deliver relevant content everywhere with this enterprise-ready Content Management System. No question, of course multisite management is also available out of the box via an intuitive and simple user interface. You can navigate directly to specific pages so your teams can work more efficiently.
You can build page layouts to meet your needs with a simple and intuitive Drag-and-Drop UI. This leads to an simple and easy visual page editing. You can easily make changes without developers and you will have an natural editing experience. For seamless processes the simplifyed content lifecycle with enterprise-level governance including versioning, workflows and publishing dates will support you.
Also included is the new intuitive component builder where you can visually compose pixel-perfect components or re-use existing ones. For multilanguage support you can develop content in any language to connect with your customers around the globe with no additional efforts.
Also included is real-time personalization to enable you to deliver relevant, one-to-one content for every visitor with real-time segmentation. For this purpose an intelliged analytics is already in place to continuously improve the customer experience by using real-time analytics to drive your decisions.

In the above images you see screenshots of the before described features in the order (from left to right):

  • multisite management
  • drag and drop editing
  • in page editing
  • timed publishing
  • componend creation
  • multilanguage creation
  • personalization / variants

That was a rough overview of the features of XM Cloud. If you are now curious and want a deeper insight into the features, then look forward to the following articles.

In the my next articles i will give you a deeper insight in the following topics:

  • Content and page creation
  • Globalization
  • Multisite management
  • Personalization
  • Governance

Von ako