What is – Sitecore Search – Part 4 (Analytics)

Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search
Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search

I never get tired of saying “measure it or forget it”, true to this motto, Sitecore Search also offers insightful analyzes and helps to identify both gaps and opportunities. With a consolidated overview, trends can be read out via the analyses.

This option makes it easy to understand user intentions and thereby identify relevant content. Of course, this in turn offers the opportunity to carry out optimizations and, for example, increase conversion rates and improve the performance of the website or shop and stay one step ahead of trends. All of this makes it easy to create interactive, engaging user experiences. By determining the most important “top keywords” and identifying the most important keywords and results, they manage to achieve maximum relevance and efficiency. You literally get to know and understand your customers better. A not very important part is also recognizing gaps in content and identifying areas with potential for improvement. In this way, search results can be prepared and made available in a comprehensive and appealing manner, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. Analyzes can be designed to be very fine-grained. This makes it possible to monitor individual search words or to look at criteria such as content types, sources or categories separately and thus take targeted measures.

I never tire of describing how important the search function has become. As a rule, this quickly becomes THE central element of a website and therefore the function of choice for the user, like many sites that have already proven themselves such as Google, Amazon, etc. So anyone who “saves” on the search – in whatever form – saves In my opinion, in absolutely the wrong place. No matter what you sell, be it content, products or services, if they are difficult to access or find, this lowers conversion rates.

Here are some Screenshots of the Analytics capabilities of Sitecore Search:

  • Insightful analytics
  • Content analytics
  • Page engagement
  • Top keywords
  • Gainers and decliners
  • Content gaps
  • Next-level analytics
  • Filters and facets