What is – Sitecore Search – Part 3 (Business controls)

Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search
Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search

Sitecore Search is basically there to bring your existing content with you, to simplify search workflows as much as possible and to aggregate data from a wide range of sources using the existing connectors.

In order to be able to offer search results as relevant and personalized as possible for the user, this can be achieved through measures such as “pinning” certain results, boosting individual hits or by setting rules. This means you have a targeted influence on which results are preferred, for example certain articles or products or documents such as manuals for products – tailored entirely to the needs of the user. In this way, search algorithms can become more and more precise over time through fine adjustments, relevant results are highlighted and the customer experience and satisfaction as well as customer interaction can be increased.

As already mentioned in part 1, the search function is THE crucial point for users on extensive pages. In the Amazon example, hardly anyone uses the navigation; they use the search directly.

In order to promote exactly this effect and to make the search or the results as precise as possible, it is also possible to store synonyms for certain searches or to additionally link related or relevant terms. For example, if there is a successor for a certain product, you can display exactly this successor product in the results when searching for the original article.

To make things easier for marketing and content teams, it is possible to navigate directly through indexed content in order to optimize content as quickly as possible and speed up decisions.

Of course, there are also analytical features on board to get valuable insights into the users. This makes it easy to understand the needs and ideas as well as the behavior of the users and to react to them in a targeted manner. Of course, this also makes it possible to implement targeted marketing strategies.

In order to validate the optimizations or theses made and to be able to intervene before things are improved/worsened, high-performance multi-variant testing is included. In addition, actionable insights / analytics enable data-based decisions to be made.

All of these options make it possible out of the box to provide customers with a truly first-class search experience for your content.