Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search
Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search

n the rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective content discovery is crucial for delivering personalized and engaging user experiences. One of the key elements driving user engagement is the efficient discovery of relevant content. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of content discovery in Sitecore Search and explore the features and best practices that empower organizations to optimize their content delivery.

Key Features of Sitecore Search regarding the topic content discovery:

Through the predictive suggestions of answers and the type-ahead function – you start writing words and not just the word, but the entire search phrase is completed via suggestion – you have the chance to be one step ahead of the users. These AI-powered suggestions extract information from existing content and analyze it as you type. As is already the case with online shopping, here at Sitecore Search there are now also “did you mean” suggestion blocks that are based on matchings learned by the system and on information from the existing content. Also known from online shopping is the “People also ask” function, which suggests alternative questions that match the user’s search.

Of course, the presentation of the search and results is also important. With Sitecore Search, content from many different sources, such as several different websites, is presented uniformly and fully integrated, so that an absolutely seamless experience can be presented.

In today’s world performance is an absolutely critical issue, not only do users have less patience, search engines also penalize slow response times. The search offers such fast performance that relevant content is displayed while the visitor is still typing the query, within milliseconds.

To make information more quickly accessible to customers or to help them find what they need, speed up the process with relevant recommendations based on their interests and behaviors. The search or “finding experience” is rounded off by an expanded semantic search and personalization of the results.

In order to guarantee seamless integration into any environment/website and to present the display in the best possible way for users, Sitecore Search offers the results using customizable widget styles to adapt them to the appearance of your brand. The search behavior is refined with all these customizable functions as well as search and recommendation tools with which the integration adapts to your individual needs and delivers precise results.

Here are some impressions of Sitecore Search and and the content discovery:

  • Predictive suggestions
  • Search sneak peaks
  • Related questions
  • Unified content
  • Fast performance (Result 1 of 10 for 2532 in 0.087 seconds)
  • Recommendations
  • Semantic search
  • Widget styles
  • Widget variations

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