Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search
Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search

The first question some people will probably ask is “I already have a search function on my website, why do I need something else here?” This is basically a possibility, but Sitecore Search goes far beyond a simple website search.

A good example of why search is important is Google, which impresses with its simplicity and the quality of the hits. Hardly anyone goes to page 2, simply because everything relevant can usually be found on page 1. Another example is Amazon, the website offers categories etc., but almost everyone uses the search function as a starting point. These two providers are only so successful thanks to a very fast and high-quality search function.
The goal of Sitecore Search is to provide every visitor with the right content at the right moment using an intelligent, AI-controlled search and content discovery solution to make content quickly accessible to the user.
Through intelligent predictive suggestions, Sitecore Seach delivers fast, predictive search results by suggesting relevant keywords to users as they type, predicting users‘ needs within milliseconds. The search results fit seamlessly into existing environments, including included features such as customizable pagination, intelligent filtering and predictive suggestions.
These search results can be effortlessly personalized by taking visitor behavior into account and returning the right content tailored to those user needs.
Of course, multilingualism was also taken into account; several languages can easily be integrated into the search to achieve optimized management and global relevance. Because at the beginning we were using Amazon as an example, which became known through the recommendations feature. There are content recommendations here too. Personalize the user journey with instance searches and activate a range of tailored page content in real time.
Of course, the hit accuracy can also be improved through individual measures such as maintaining synonyms and the search accuracy and the user journey can be improved by, for example, linking related terms. Relevant results can also be specifically highlighted by weighting certain results using customizable rules. Of course, all of this is only possible with insights, so Sitecore Search allows you to go far beyond URLs and clicks to measure your users‘ interactions with topics, keywords and content. In order to be able to make constant improvements, there are multi-variant tests to determine the variations and most effective content for each target group segment.

What you see on these Screenshots:

  • Preview suggestions
  • Search results
  • Personalized search results
  • Language agnostic
  • Content recommendations
  • Powerful synonyms
  • Search results
  • Content insights
  • Continually optimize

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