Sitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore SearchSitecore Product Landscape - Sitecore Search

The best search function is of course worthless without data, i.e. content. This is exactly where Sitecore Search’s has it’s great strength. Data can be aggregated and standardized from almost any source using search connectos.

You have full control over your data or search function and its results at all times – whether it is necessary to trigger manual scans for test purposes or the general update frequency – you are in control. The indexing is completely flexible and completely customizable through indexing rules based on configurable content types, so that you determine how content should be discoverable.

You have a direct influence on ratings via attributes that can be managed for each content type. Of course, all of these options for influencing results must also be checked. This is due to the full visibility and searchability of the indexed content in real time, so that technical teams can quickly reach desired results.

In general, only minimal development times are necessary for integration. The starter kit and the open source JS React SDK make integration absolutely easy. The very user- and developer-friendly API explorer including recommendations makes developing with Sitecore Search absolutely intuitive and convenient. To ensure that development measures have no influence on the productive data, there is a build-in exclusion list for the onboard analytics function.

Finally, of course, there is a step-by-step guide as part of the documentation that makes it easy to create top-notch search experiences.

What you see in the Screenshots:

  • Add source
  • Scan frequency
  • Flexible indexing
  • Structured content
  • Full visibility
  • Easily integrate search
  • API Explorer
  • QA tools
  • Documentation

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