Sitecore XM Cloud

Content governance is the topic of the 6th and last part of the XM Cloud series where it is about the.
Sitecore XM Cloud supports you to create, manage and publish content following your brand guidelines to ensure accuracy and alignment with your business goals.
To reach these goal you have support from templates page designs which have implemented guidelines using predefined templates to ensure content accuracy. You can use predefined layouts and re-use content to increase efficiency and drive clear decision-making and makes content operations more easy. The quality of your content will be improved and still adhere to brand guidelines and content strategy with the user friendly UI via drag and drop. Configurable workflows are available to suit your individual needs. With these configurable workflows you can implement content review and approval processes that ensure all content aligns with your content strategy. Thank to the content versioning you can track and manage multiple versions of a piece of content for translation, localization or managing content variations over time. And last but not least the scheduled publishing is taking place which allows your content creators to work on and review content in advance, without worrying about missing deadlines.

Here are some impressions (screenshot) from the things we talked about:

  • Templated page designs
  • Assingnment of content items
  • Drag and drop of content components
  • Configurable workflows
  • Content versioning
  • Scheduled publishing

Von ako