Sitecore XM Cloud Plus

XM Cloud is the suitable counterpart to the classic OnPrem solution Sitecore XM. One of the main differences is that XM Cloud is a pure SaaS solution, more precisely it is the CMS/DXP basis of the composable cloud products. OK, so we know what XM Cloud is (basically) but what is XM Cloud Plus?

To break it down to the basics: XM Cloud Plus is a product bundle that can be seen as a counterpart to the OnPrem version Sitecore XP. So XM Cloud Plus is a bundle of prodcts from Sitecores Content Cloud (XM Cloud, Search) and Sitecores Experience Cloud (CDP, Personalize and Connect).

  • Sitecore XM Cloud (CMS)
  • Sitecore CDP
    Capture, unify, and activate omnichannel customer data.
  • Sitecore Personalize
    Effectively optimize and personalize every customer interaction. The experimentation and personalization platform for best-in-class CX across channels
  • Sitecore Search
    Intelligent, blazing-fast search. Build searchable experiences from scratch without the need for complex code
  • Sitecore Connect
    Close the gap between content, insights, and actions. Together, each of your systems achieve more, giving you the freedom to use cross-platform data, and unlock unprecedented potential

You can also buy each of the products step by step at the time the products are needed or if you already know you need all these stuff, maybe if you want to move from Sitecore XP or if you want to move from any other DXP to the Sitecore composable stack, the XM Cloud Plus is what are you looking for.

Von ako