What is – Sitecore Personalize – Part 4 (Omnichannel testing)

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Omnichannel testing and personalization are two important concepts in modern marketing and customer interaction that often go hand in hand. Here are some aspects that shed light on this relationship and serve as a foundation:

Omnichannel testing

Definition: Omnichannel testing refers to the strategy in which companies test and optimize their customer interactions across different channels. This includes physical stores, online stores, mobile apps, social media, email, and other communication platforms.

Objectives: The main goal of omnichannel testing is to ensure a consistent and seamless customer experience, regardless of which channel the customer uses. It’s about making sure that all channels work harmoniously together and provide customers with a consistent message and experience.


  • A/B testing: Testing two variants of a message or feature on different channels to see which one works better.
  • Multivariate testing: More complex testing that involves testing multiple variables at once to find the optimal combination of elements.
  • User Experience (UX) Testing: Focus on the user experience to ensure that interaction on each channel is intuitive and user-friendly.


Definition: Personalization refers to tailoring marketing messages, offers and user experiences based on individual customer preferences and behavior.

Goals: The goal of personalization is to increase the relevance and effectiveness of communication by tailoring content and offers to the specific needs and interests of each individual customer.


  • Data analytics: Using customer and behavioral data to gain insights into preferences and patterns.
  • Segmentation: Dividing customers into groups with similar characteristics to develop targeted marketing strategies.
  • Recommendation systems: Algorithms that suggest products or content based on a customer’s past behavior.

Connection between omnichannel testing and personalization

Consistent personalization across channels: To provide a truly personalized experience, personalization must be consistent across all channels. Omnichannel testing helps understand how personalized messages and offers work on different channels.

Data integration: Effective personalization requires extensive data integration. Omnichannel testing uses this data to see which personalization strategies are most effective.

Feedback loops: Omnichannel testing provides companies with continuous feedback on how well their personalization strategies are working. This allows them to constantly optimize and adapt their approaches.

Customer journey optimization: Both concepts aim to improve the customer journey. Omnichannel testing identifies touchpoints that can be improved, while personalization ensures that each of these touchpoints is relevant and engaging for the customer.


Complexity: Both omnichannel testing and personalization require complex data analysis and integration techniques, which can be resource-intensive.

Data protection: The use of customer data for personalization must be carefully managed to comply with data protection regulations and gain customer trust.

Coordination: Coordinating marketing efforts across different channels requires close collaboration between different teams and departments.


Omnichannel testing and personalization are central components of a modern marketing strategy. By combining both approaches, companies can ensure that they provide their customers with not only consistent but also highly relevant and engaging experiences, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sitecore Personalize & Omnichannel testing:

Sitecore Personalize naturally also offers the option of omnichannel testing and is used to increase the ROI with appropriate experiments across all channels, from the website to chat and kiosk, and to perfect every customer interaction.

It is possible to maximize the effect of personalization and test the custom experiences either with ready-made templates or create your own. Omnichannel would not be omnichannel if it were limited to one or a few channels, so with Sitecore Personalize you can test the effect of the measures taken using interactive experiments across all channels, whether website, mobile apps, stores, wearables or inbound channels. Such experiments can also be initiated via outgoing channels such as email, SMS or push notifications.

API webhooks can be easily created and adapted using an API composer. This makes it easy to connect with external services such as email service providers to deliver personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints. Dynamic offer decisions allow you to make dynamic offer recommendations based on flexible decision models to significantly increase conversion rates. Define the effectiveness, results and analytics of your experiments and measure them against goals such as revenue, page views, bounce rate and exit rate.

Effective operational analytics allow you to track and optimize all experiment performance, identify errors and ensure that your experiments meet or exceed expectations. Continuous performance analytics also ensure the performance of the experiment during experiments. This means you always stay informed about trends, can make necessary adjustments and ensure continued success.

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