Sitecore composable product landscape - Personalize

What is always a business-relevant question is the return of investment (ROI), i.e. when does the purchase become worthwhile or worthwhile for me? The topic of omnichannel is of course extremely valuable as a possible multiplier. To put it simply, ROI can be achieved more quickly with every possible source of income. Sitecore Personalize is an excellent tool for personalizing content on all conceivable channels. Regardless of whether it’s a classic website, a kiosk application, mobile app, etc. with Sitecore Personalize you can provide your customers, applicants and employees with personalized content that they want to see.

The question now certainly arises as to how I should manage all of this, every variant for personalization must be created and, above all, filled with content. Here you enjoy full freedom and can easily decide whether you want to create individually tailored experiences with the help of an intuitive interface or use the ready-made templates.

Who will then see which content (keyword “audience targeting”) can also be selected using ready-made segments and real-time data or can be easily adjusted using ready-made target group templates in order to achieve optimal reach.

Of course, you need ways to check the measures taken. This is done effortlessly through analytics data so that the actions taken are consistent with business goals and can be validated. Dynamic offers and recommendations through decision models that you can customize lead to better conversions and optimal results.

What is also important here is that you do not run into resource bottlenecks with all of these things. The ready-made templates as well as the preview in preview can ensure that whatever the audience wants can be created by the marketer independently.

Performance analytics and operational analytics allow you to compare results against your goals, make timely adjustments, and validate the success of campaigns. Errors can also be discovered and quickly identified to ensure proper execution.

Here are some screenshots of interesting features of Sitecore Personalize that give a first impression of the following topics:

  • Omnichannel personalization
  • Personalized experiences
  • Audience targeting
  • Goal driven results
  • Dynamic offer decisioning
  • Marketer-friendly templates
  • In-App preview
  • Performance analytics
  • Operational analytics

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