Sitecore composable product landscape - Personalize

First of all, I have to make it clear that Sitecore Personalize is – like every Sitecore product from the Composable stack – a stand-alone product and can be “docked” into any software using the MACH approach. It is therefore possible to display personalized content on a WordPress or Typo3 website with Sitecore Personalize. But of course also on apps or other tools, for example. In short, this means you can optimize and personalize content and experiment with every interaction across every channel (A/B/Multivariant). You can use this to influence offers in real time based on live data and to design prices and discounts based on the behavior of your customers. Using A/B testing, you can significantly improve context-based customer engagement and thus conversion rates across all channels. Using smart decisioning, you can easily suggest next-best actions via drag-and-drop, of course in real time. The use of real-time data from your business system helps you to support your customers specifically and in the customer context and thus achieve the desired results. Since all composable systems – as already mentioned above – are based on a MACH architecture and are therefore both microservices and API-first based, an AI can be used here, for example, which influences or enriches decision-making with real-time data. Another important point is that an extensive library for marketers relieves IT and development and enables marketing employees to carry out customer experience, offers and targeting independently.

Of course, Sitecore Personalize is also designed to be very developer-friendly; they can easily and efficiently develop templates for customer experiences, segments and decisioning.

Last but not least, real-time analytics data can of course also be viewed, allowing you to view trends, site engagement, bounce rates and heat maps in real time and thus use data-driven insights to react accordingly and take action.

In the Screenshots below you can get an first impression of Sitecore Personalize about the look and feel:

  • Real-time marketing
  • Optimizing customer engagement
  • Drag-and-drop decisioning
  • Business context integrations
  • AI & Microservices
  • Marketer’s library
  • Developer center
  • Real-time analytics

Von ako